sensory evenings

An evening of play offered to those who would benefit from a sensory-friendly experience and quieter setting at the Museum.

Families will enjoy time to connect and make memories in exhibit spaces with softer music, lower lights, and sensory-friendly activities. Sensory kits are available for check-out that include noise-reducing headphones, fidgets, and more.

The Museum strives to be an inclusive and accessible space that celebrates neurodiversity and welcomes people of all needs and abilities.

upcoming sensory evenings

November 2024
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social story

A social story is a tool that can help a child know what to expect in a new situation. This story, comprised of narrative text and photos, can help your child prepare for an upcoming visit to the Museum. Share this story with your child once, or many times, before your next visit. Use the whole story, or select portions of the story related to specific exhibits. Use this tool flexibly in a way that works best for your child.

thank you to our generous sponsors:

Our custom-curated social story wouldn’t be possible without the help of Cris at Sassy Mama for Autism, and several bighearted students and faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln!

“We chose to tackle this project because we are all professionals and community members interested in the success and inclusion of children with ASD in all of the neat things Lincoln has to offer. We knew that a tool such as a social story would make the museum much more accessible to a group of people who would really enjoy it but might struggle if they did not know what to expect on their visit. We consider this a win-win situation. Individuals with ASD will have more access to the museum, and other visitors will have a chance to interact with those individuals; they can experience and enjoy the museum together!”

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