dream it. then do it.

There are certain magic moments that money just can’t buy – such as walking on the moon, scoring the winning touchdown, performing on stage or flying above the birds to name just a few. Now imagine a place where you can do all this in an afternoon. Imagination flexes its strengths in the 3 floors of exhibits available to children (and adults) of all ages.

explore the Orchard

sponsored by the Kimmel Foundation

Push, jump, and turn through this exhibit to see what apple items you can make, learn about how honey bees and apple trees are best buddies, sell pretend items at the Apple Market, and more!

Watch the video to see what some museum-goers have to say about this fun new exhibit.
A special thank you to the UNL College of Journalism for partnering with the Lincoln Children’s Muesum for 2023’s Digital Media Camp. This video was created by Mitchell Brandt, Will Adams, and Lydia Hernandez.

  For the little ones!

grow zone

The Grow Zone is a space specifically designed to encourage the growth of our youngest guests (ages 0-3). We are very careful with washing and sanitizing toys in this area, since we know that little ones love to test out everything using all their 5 senses. This area is also gated off from the rest of the exhibit floor, so your toddler won’t accidentally make their way out with the big kids.

lower level

Set the lights, grab a costume and jump onstage on the Johnny Carson Stage. Prefer to stay behind the scenes? Choose one of our many puppets and put on a special show at the Puppet Theater.

Explore the prairie dog tunnels, interconnected underground pathways near the base of the Museum’s apple tree.

Or discover all that’s new in, on, and around our BRAND NEW Exploring Trees – Inside AND Out exhibit!  Sights, sounds, smells, and hands on building will provide the roots of great play!

main level

In Tiny Town, the kids rule all through learning at the same time! Featuring a BRAND NEW pint-sized Union Bank and Trust located adjacent to the Hy-Vee Grocery Store.

At Tracy’s Collision Center, kids get their hands dirty tuning up a car and applying new paint jobs.  Or they can quickly save the day by hopping on a Harley Davidson police motorcycle, thanks to Frontier Harley Davidson and drive a refurbished Lincoln Fire & Rescue fire truck.

Medical discoveries are made daily inside our Bryan Health Center exhibit and children can experience their first visit to the dentist at our Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry exhibit, complete with a moose patient and sample x-rays!

upper level

Blast off from the top floor of the Museum! Your little one will be able to explore outer space in the Lunar Lander and patrol the surface of a new planet in the Lunar Rover. Suit up before the launch sequence!

Or take the latest in first-class travel when you hop into our real-life Cessna or low-flying Puddle Jumper.

Feeling more grounded? Try out being a conductor on our BNSF train! Blast the horn as you take control of delivering customer’s products.

Our wonderful apple tree reaches all the way to this floor. Climb through its branches to squish hands into our massive pinboard.